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Our mission:

To repair and heal our planet and society by investing in a way that bridges and guides towards regenerative and distributive investing.

We are the Catalyst Impact Investment Club, and we specialise in finding and highlighting Regenerative Tech (or RegenTech) companies – those rare startup treasures that can make a difference for our planet. We then connect these promising companies to the right investors through expertise, partners and experience within the sphere of RegenTech.

Our Investment Committee members are experienced angels and entrepreneurs: all round experts, with a blend of expertise and committed to drive authentic impact.

On our website, you’ll find resourceful companies who aim to provide for our planet, besides just providing an attractive business model. 

Join us on this journey and discover the power of impact investing

Lack of funding
provides opportunity

Despite showing promise both environmentally and commercially, RegenTech companies typically experience difficulty finding and securing funding. This offers investors an attractive opportunity and rapidly accelerate their RegenTech investment portfolio’s capability to scale and impact the planet.

Good entry valuations
& fast exits

Compared to other sectors seeking funding, RegenTech is attractive to investors because of good entry valuations and relatively fast exits. 

Early seed investors can typically achieve an exit after 2-3 rounds of financing.

A new mainstream

As the current market for RegenTech financing is clearly underrepresented, opportunities arise for investors to lead the change through investments that prioritize both societal impact & financial returns, creating a sustainable and inclusive future.

As this rising new sector’s success becomes more apparent, the investment landscape will inevitably change for the better.

Finding the hidden jewels

Active Projects & Portfolio

We are constantly looking for companies that fit our criteria as an investment club. We support ventures that prioritise Needed Societal Change & Regenerative Technologies and sustainable practices, contributing to the healing and repairing of our planet and creating a thriving future for generations to come.


To Be, precision treatment for bees

Solving the main reason for massive death and illness of bee colonies

In recent years we’ve all become aware of the problem of the harsh decline in bee populations worldwide. This start-up can achieve 98% recovery in bee colonies and a honey production of +30%.

CIIC joined the seed round of $1,5M in July ’23. We are now joining in the Series A round.
If you’re interested, please contact Annegien Blokpoel directly through the button below.



Below is a summary of promising companies that we’ve helped accelerate in the past. These ventures are not actively seeking investment currently, but do provide a better understanding of the type of ventures Annegien Blokpoel is involved in. For any additional information about these companies, please contact us.


Ezbra, regenerative MedTech for Women

Providing a dignified recovery for the 17 million women anually undergoing breast surgery worldwide

This start-up is addressing a large and underserviced market of annually 17 million women undergoing breast surgery. By improving the post-operation experience the company has the potential to impact the live of many individuals.

CIIC joined in this 1M equity round. Thank you for joining us in healing of women in a dignified way & being part of the Catalyst Impact Investment Club!

Our criteria

Catalyst Impact Investment Club
criteria for startups

Below our main criteria and explanation (we focus on seed and Series A)

  • Catalytic impact
  • P/M fit (clear value proposition, clear vision on competitors and USP)
  • Paying customers & traction (showing positive development and globally scalable)
  • Great team (experienced people with relevant experience in the appropriate space)
  • Exit horizon 3-5 years with attractive returns given the risk involved

What is Catalytic impact?

Catalytic impact can be looked at from different viewpoints,
our definition encompasses any of these four:

  1. Impacting at scale in healing & repairing the planet and/or humankind
  2. Acting as demo/example for Needed Societal change
  3. Bringing needed change in infrastructure or a vertical/industry, that can catalyze impact at large
  4. Addressing underserved markets/groups of people

About Us

Annegien Blokpoel


As is the case with nearly all founders, Annegien spearheads Catalyst Impact Investment Club with fierce intrinsic motivation. She’s started her career with 10 years in the world of structured finance and corporate headquarters. After that, she embarked on entrepreneurship with those same corporates as her clients from Strategy firm PerspeXo.

However, after 5 years of doing this, she shifted her focus. She successfully set up a program to help smaller companies specifically and has since done so for over 300 growing, inspiring companies.

Starting in 2016, Annegien actively started investing as a business angel and has accumulated a portfolio consisting of more than 20 international direct investments and a substantial portfolio of “passive” tech investments. In 2023 she shifted her focus towards investing in Regen-tech startups, that contribute to the needed societal change and regenerative technologies we need for today and tomorrow. Annegien is also an active member of numerous business angel clubs & accelerators, from investor to LP to “crack team” member. 

In these 7 years Annegien accumulated valuable experience as a (lead) business angel and venture builder in numerous international tech startups. She has been involved in roles such as fundraising, interim CFO, part of the leadership team and advisory boards. Entrepreneurship, specifically for Regenerative Technology companies, is something Annegien understands to the core.
The Catalyst Impact Investment Club is paying it forwards, connecting and co-investing jointly with other experienced angels and impact investors, and jointly catalyze RegenTech investments. 



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What others say
about working with us

We strive to achieve something we can’t do alone. Fortunately, we work with other investors daily to make an impact and stimulate RegenTech companies. Here’s what founders and investors say about working with us. 

Akhil Sivanandan
Akhil SivanandanCEO of Green Story
Read More
Annegien was an early advisor to Green Story and helped shape our success by guiding us on strategy, finance and most crucially funding.

Her expertise and support helped secure our pre-seed and seed raises and thereby helped set the stage for our growth. She was an early investor herself, and actively supported our growth as a member of the advisory board.

We are grateful for her contributions and continued support!

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